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What is a Tuff Tray?
 It is a large heavy duty plastic tray. The tray itself is octagonal shaped with raised sides that are perfect for containing different materials for all kinds of messy play. It is approximately 1 meter in diameter. They can usually be found outside but are also fantastic for in-home use.

You know when a child is ready for a Tuff Tray when they start to engage in a wide range of Messy Play activities with different materials, and doing this without constant supervision. Typically, this means:

Toddler age, minimum. Typically when your child is at least 2 years + where both their gross and fine motor development is at a stage where they can see, touch, play to have control over the Tuff Tray activities.

Basic 2-way communication. So they can listen, learn and adapt to the variety of things going on in their Tuff Trays at any given time.

The imaginations are starting to rocket. Around that early toddler age through to primary school you'll really start to notice their imaginations soar, and that is a perfect time to introduce a Tuff Tray to help them develop further.

Tuff Tray Ideas

  1. The Farmyard. This one from Early Years Careers uses different types of dry food and textures
  2. Making A Potato Head
  3. Hook A Duck! 
  4. The Sorting Game
  5. PlayDoh Monsters
  6. The Magic Tree
  7. Underground Cave
  8. Gravity Challenge
  9. Dinosaur Parks 
  10. Small World Play
  11. Food
  12. Reflective Play
  13. Sensory Play
  14. Ball Play
  15. Discovery Play


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